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Our engineers can carry out commissioning of mechanincal ventilation systems.

Here are some lines that are from by The Building Regulations (Part F):

Legal Requirements:

"All fixed mechanical ventilation systems, where they can be tested and adjusted, shall be commissioned and a commissioning notice given to the Building Control Body (BCB).

For mechanincal ventilation systems installed in new dwellings, air flow rates shall be measured on site and a notice given to the Building Control Body. This shall apply to the intermittently-used extract fans and cooker hoods, as well as continuously running systems.

The owner shall be given sufficient information about the ventilation system and its maintenance requirements so that the ventilation system can be operated to provide adequate air flow.

Responsibility for Compliance:

It is important to remember that if you are the person (e.g. designer, builder, installer) carrying out building work to which any requirement of building regulations applies you have a responsibility to ensure that they work complies with any such requirement. The building owner may also have a responsibility for ensuring compliance with building regulation requirements and could be served with an enforcement notice in cases of non-compliance.

Notification of Work Covered by the Ventilation Requirements:

In most cases where it is proposed to carry out notifiable ventilation work on a building it will be necessary to notify the work to a BCB in advance. This notification would usually be by way of a full plans application or a building notice given to a local authority, or an initial notice given jointly with the approved inspector. However, there are three circumstances where such work need not be notified to a BCB in advance:

Competent person self-certification schemes:

It is not necessary to notify a BCB in advance of work which is to be carried out by a person registered with a competent person self-certification scheme for that type of work. In order to join such a scheme a person must demonstrate competence to carry out the type of work the scheme covers, and also the ability to comply with all relevant requirements in the Building Regulations.

Where work is carried out by a person registered with a competent person scheme, regulation 20 of the Building Regulations and regulation 20(1) of the Approved Inspectors Regulations require that the occupier of the building be given within 30 days of the completion of the work, a certificate confirming that the work complies fully with all applicable building regulation requirements. There is also a requirement that the BCB be given a notice of the work carried out, again within 30 days of the completion of the work. These certificates and notices are usually made available through the scheme operator.

BCBs are authorised to accept these certificates and notices as evidence of compliance with the requirements of the Building Regulations. Local authority inspection and enforcement powers remain unaffected, but they are normally used only in response to a complaint that work does not comply.